Amer Aban - Tax Preparer in Lloydminster, AB


Tax Preparation, Filing, Credit, Refund, Returns, and more.

Amer Aban


" In January 2016, we humbly started offering personal income tax services to fellow immigrants and foreign workers. This company was solely born from the intent to guide newcomers and foreign workers with their tax obligation in Canada and help them save on taxes. To easily direct them, we conveniently named this tax preparation business “FILETAXHERE INC.”. Since the opening, FILETAXHERE INC. has helped hundreds of hard-working people from different countries of origins and cultures. Now, FILETAXHERE INC. has extended the services to help those who are courageously taking the path of self-employment or with small business.

FILETAXHERE provides bookkeeping, payroll service, and tax filing.